Learning summit on teacher eval begins

One thing the Regents have learned this year is the power and importance of listening. That’s what they’re committed to do today at the Learning Summit on Teacher and Principal Evaluation, said Regent Lester Young and Regent Tony Bottar, who set the stage for the day ahead.
“We as a board are committed to real engagement … a willingness to listen and learn,” Young said. As the Regents move forward to create regulations for a new teacher evaluation system, Young said they are trying to find a “common balance” between what the law requires and stakeholders’ expectations.
Bottar likened the Regents’ work to a school project, where “it’s a big assignment and there’s not enough time.” But he said the Regents intend to meet the law’s June 30 deadline to develop the regulations. Bottar stressed today’s summit is an event, but not the only one. He said individual Regents will conduct smaller events in their respective districts in the coming weeks.

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