NYSUT stands in support of South Burlington educators

UPDATE OCT. 20: SBEA members vote to approve the contract.

UPDATE OCT. 19: Tentative agreement reached; school set to open Monday.

SBEA chief negotiator Eric Stone, NYSUT's Tom Anapolis and SBEA president Rich Wise.

NYSUT stood strong with sisters and brothers in Vermont Wednesday as the South Burlington Educators Association entered day two of their strike in protest of failed contract negotiations and unfair labor practices. Pictured above, from the left: SBEA chief negotiator Eric Stone, NYSUT Executive Director Tom Anapolis and SBEA President Rich Wise.

“For almost a year, we have tried to reach a fair settlement with the board,” said Stone, in an update on the SBEA website. “At every turn, they have chosen to ignore the recommendations of a neutral fact-finder. In the last week alone, we’ve made two compromise offers only to be met with manufactured excuses of why they can’t engage in the back-and-forth necessary to reach a settlement.”

According to the most recent post on the union’s website:

The board has said it will sit down with the union [Thursday] afternoon.  We hope that this time, it will do the serious work with the SBEA to end this strike.  Manufacturing “concessions” and excuses doesn’t get the job done.

Rest assured, the SBEA negotiating team has the teachers’ backs — and will only agree to a contract that is fair to the teachers, fair to the community and fair to our schools.

Keep up-to-date on the situation in South Burlington at www.sbeducators.org.

nysut in solidarity

walking in South Burlington

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