Standing with Spencerport on high-stakes testing

bubble test

More than 60 teachers at Spencerport’s Cosgrove Middle School have signed a petition calling for action on this year’s English langauge arts and math tests for grades 3-8 — and, thanks to social media —  more teachers and parents and education stakeholders are joining the call each day online at

The teachers’ petition characterizes the tests as “poorly written, developmentally inappropriate, deliberately confusing, and ambiguous.” Additionally, the tests require students to complete tasks with insufficient time.

Emmy Thevanesan, a 7th grade ELA teacher and member of the Spencerport Teachers Association, said, “Commissioner King and the Regents have refused to listen to the legitimate concerns of parents, teachers and students regarding the multitude of problems with these standardized tests and the haphazard implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards.”

Learn more about Spencerport’s activism and sign the petition at You can follow them on Twitter at @SpprtTeachers.

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