What’s with the black in Black Friday?

I never understood the meaning of the phrase “Black Friday.” It sounds so menacing. Today, I learned all about it at a site dedicated to the origin of the day. The phrase came about in the 1960s as a signal to the start of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday  refers to stores moving from […]

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At the Thanksgiving table: Please pass the funding

Whenever it starts getting cold and damp — like it has been this week with the first visit of sleet and snow in upstate New York —there is even more concern for the homeless and the hungry. Unfortunately, this includes many of today’s students, according to several  teachers union presidents I have interviewed recently. They […]

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Wear blue on Dec. 9th for National Day of Action!

If you don’t already have your blue t-shirt, blue pants or skirt, or even blue hat picked out for the Dec. 9 National Day of Action, start looking. NYSUT is joining a coalition of over 100 other groups to show our support for public education by wearing blue Dec. 9, and we’re hoping you’ll join […]

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NYSUT sends health benefits navigator to private higher ed locals

In order to help private college adjuncts navigate the Affordable Care Act, and to share its affects on them and their full-time colleagues, NYSUT’s health benefits expert, Sue Klug, is headed out on another road trip. Five independent college units — all part of NYSUT and representing about 1,500 members — will have representatives at tomorrow’s […]

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Parents, teachers standing together

NYSUT has been visible and vocal in its call for a three-year moratorium on the use of state assessments for any high-stakes consequences for students and teachers. The union has also been critical of how the state Education Department rolled out the new Common Core curriculum and of its obsession with standardized tests. The NYSUT […]

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Veterans faces in the flags we fly

Today, I was doing an errand  and there was a man standing on the side of a busy highway. He was young; I would say in his early 40’s. He was clean and muscular. It was cold and he was bundled up.  He held a sign that said “Homeless Veteran.” My heart dipped. There are […]

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With Homework Hotline, educators offer help for homework and testing woes

homework hotline

In every class there are a few pencil chewers — those who absent-mindedly bite their pencils while trying in earnest to figure out a problem on a test. Others get agitated. At home alone, students can get really frustrated trying to figure out problems on their homework assignments. Some give up. But believe it or […]

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In defense of public pensions

Public pensions are a favorite target of right-wing extremists and those looking to solve goverment’s fiscal problems on the backs of hard-working public-service workers. One strong defender of public pensions is NYSUT board member Tim Southerton of Sayville. Southerton, ED 21 director, will bring his winning arguments to “The Pension Debate: Public Pensions and Long […]

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Long Beach SRPs ‘have only just begun’


School-related professionals deserve to be recognized for the myriad ways they make a difference for students and for communities. But the Long Beach school board doesn’t seem to get that. Joanne Rea, vice president of the Long Beach Schools Employees Association, sent us this photo of LBSEA members who came together last week for an […]

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