Doves to fly

You can almost hear the wings flapping. They are the wings of doves, flying all over the Internet and throughthe U.S. Mail via invitations from the Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State. All are marked with the organization’s logo, the dove of peace.

The Coalition is inviting people to come to its annual Faith at Works Award dinner on Sept. 19th in Albany to honor leaders in the worker justice movement from Long Island, Albany, Brooklyn and Washington, D.C.  The awards dinner puts faces, names and concrete activities to the social justice movement; it shows us who is showing up and ways that we can all get involved and make a difference.

The special honoree will be Bishop Howard Hubbard, who is retiring later this year on his 75th birthday. A longtime co-chair of the coalition, the bishop will be introduced by fellow Co-chair Dick Iannuzzi, president of NYSUT. Hubbard has served in many roles as part of the movement for worker justice and labor rights.

Looking to the future, the coalition will also honor those it calls “key leaders in the next generation in the global struggle for worker justice.” This next generation of leaders includes TsedeyeGebreselassie of the National Employment Law Project; Charlene Obernauer, Long Island Jobs with Justice; Rev. Frances Rosenau, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Albany; and Evangelist Anton Strachan, Power of Worship Ministries in Brooklyn.

The coalition brings together faith, labor and community to seek out economic justice. Its foundation is two-fold, like wings: Faith and conscience must be linked with action and economic activities that diminish human value or the environment are immoral.

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