Kennedy: Changing school culture can end bullying (Washington Post)

NYSUT is proud of its many partnerships with organizations and individuals that share its commitment to social justice issues. Among those partnerships is the union’s strong affiliation with the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, headed by Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of the late senator.

NYSUT and the RFK Center worked together to produce the Speak Truth to Power curriculum that provides an overview of human rights and social justice issues in the United States and around the world. Both organizations have also been outspoken leaders in the campaign to eliminate bullying from schools.

The Sunday Washington Post published a commentary written by Kennedy that calls for a change in the school culture as a way to end bullying. Kennedy talks about the RFK Center’s work with schools in Bucyrus, Ohio, as a case-study.

Following the implementation of [the Speak Truth to Power curriculum], according to a forthcoming independent study we commissioned, Bucyrus students reported a change in attitude regarding bullying, particularly their awareness of bullying as an issue. Administrators have seen an increase in reports of bullying, and one student described the STTP activities as “helpful not just in handling bullying, but [providing] reasons to be more open-minded about other people.”

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You can learn more about the RFK Center’s Project Seatbelt anti-bullying initiative at

And you can also download the following lesson plans on bullying at the AFT’s curriculum portal,

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