Celebrate America; buy American

What better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday than to honor its workers — those men and women who provide the products and services that will help us enjoy the long holiday weekend.

The AFL-CIO — one of NYSUT’s national affiliates — has been sharing “Made in America” shopping lists this week. The lists include everything from hotdogs to mustard, from beer to plastic cups. Today’s list focuses on pet treats. After all, nothing is more American than playing fetch with Fido as you wait for the fireworks to start.

Of course, as we celebrate with friends and family, let us remember those public servants who are on the job over the weekend: those in public safety, health care and, in particular, the municipal workers helping communities recover from this week’s flooding. You can give to the NYSUT Disaster Relief Fund to help those who have been most affected by the devastation.

Happy Independence Day, sisters and brothers. Be safe.

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