The joy of victory (29) and agony of defeat (2)

There is good news for students in 29 school districts, where voters approved budgets in revotes last night. Voters in three of those districts, Newcomb in the north country, and Manhasset and North Babylon on Long Island, even agreed to override the property tax cap.

For the remaining districts, only a 50 percent “yes” vote was needed and most passed. Besides those links above, please note that all six Long Island budgets passed. Others include:

To see what was at stake, all you have to do is take a look at what happened in the three districts where budgets appear to have failed for a second time.

Wilson schools, in Western New York, will now charge outside groups to use facilities, and equipment purchases will be restricted. Here’s a link to the district information, which doesn’t detail impact on students.

In Remsen, near Utica, the board will cut about $108,000 to go to a contingent budget, according to this article from the Observer-Dispatch.

Those two districts will join Marlboro schools in the mid-Hudson Valley that will be operating on a contingent budget.


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