June 18 matters: Vote today

If you live in one of the 31 school districts facing a revote of budgets today, please make the effort to vote.
The Journal News, which covers five districts holding revotes, reports those districts “better hope that voters understand what a second defeat would mean. Slash and burn.”

It’s an apt description because schools have already cut.Here’s a link to the Buffalo News article about six school districts in western New York. In Lewiston-Porter, where more than 40 jobs have been cut; Chris Roser the superintendent says: “We’ve kind of run out of things to cut.”

Here’s a link to what’s at stake for the North Syracuse schools.

Here’s a link to three North Country schools and their plans for the revote.

We pulled together a nearly comprehensive list last week. Not much has changed; certainly not the dire situations schools will find themselves in if budgets fail.

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