SUNY Downstate needs your help now!

It’s been months of work to help the Brooklyn community services by keeping SUNY Downstate Medical Center open.
Here’s a link to one local report that says “any action taken toward downsizing or closure would have a damaging impact upon the available health care to many in the surrounding community.”

Time is running out. The sustainability plan must be implemented June 15. Some signs are pointing to a plan that would lay off a minimum of 600 health care workers. It makes no sense to lay off health care workers if they can be retrained to provide the primary care that central and western Brooklyn desperately needs.

Workers involved with the teaching hospital have developed six points to make SUNY Downstate sustainable. Tell your lawmakers and the Governor to include these points in any implementation plan. Here’s a link to NYSUT’s Member Action Center to help you contact lawmakers and the Governor.

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