No tests for Bridget

Mike Lillis, president of the Lakeland Federation of Teachers, keeps some good company.

Lillis is among the first to arrive to today’s “One Voice United” rally in Albany, and like every good local leader, he came with a crowd. And what a crowd it is. How’s this for a “who’s who” of NYSUT: former statewide President Tom Hobart; former Vice President Toni Cortese, who also served as an AFT officer; Board Member Don Benker; and current Secretary-Treasurer Lee Cutler.

Attracting almost as much attention as the union brass was a handmade sign Lillis carried: A photo of his beautiful 5-year-old daughter, Bridget, and the message: “She will not take your tests.”

The state’s obsession with standardized testing, its impact on students and teachers, and the influence testing corporations have over education policy are sure to be brought up by the speakers scheduled to address the crowd beginning at noon.

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