Fight Back Friday: Ready to rally!

It’s less than 24 hours now for the One Voice United Rally. Remember to follow the action on Twitter use #rallyJune8 and check this blog for updates.

The latest count has that more than 225 buses are coming from schools, colleges and office buildings across the state. So if you are coming by car, you might want to check out this link to parking lots and garages in Albany, near the Empire State Plaza.

News is building around the rally with this latest coverage from the Albany Times-Union and here’s a link from the Utica Observer-Dispatch. Some school districts, like Bethlehem Central in the Capital Region, have gone so far as to do statements like this one. The state AFL-CIO has sent out an e-blast message and here’s what they have posted on their website.

We’ve also heard that rally speaker John Nichols plans to produce a report on the rally for MSNBC’s Sunday edition of “The Ed Show.”

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