Feel Good Friday: Vote May 21

You hold the future of hundreds of thousands of students across our state. On Tuesday, you get to say whether their school budgets should pass or fail.

In so many communities, there are many feel good events (regardless of what some politicians might be telling you.)

Here’s photo gallery of just one school district’s efforts at bringing a love of learning to families.

Those photos are from the Galway school community’s 2nd annual “Read In – Camp Out,” a two-hour adventure where students and their families follow a map of reading activities throughout Joseph Henry Elementary School. The two-hour event is open to all elementary families in the area.

“To make the experience more like a campout, students can come dressed in their pajamas, read books in tents with their families and listen to stories around a campfire,” said Jenn Suydam, Read In Coordinator.

Galway Teachers Association President Carrie Herron said, “Our association provides middle level students enrichment through the STEM program, and our high school students support for a safe Post Prom Party, so we wanted to extend our help to our elementary students. The Read In – Camp Out was a perfect way to do this!”

The activities took students and their families through the hallways, the gymnasium, the cafeteria, and the library at the schools where they created key chain crafts, decorated their own tote bags crafts, made their own trail mix, enjoyed other special treats and snacks, and listened to stories by guest speakers. Parents were also introduced to the Galway Teachers’ STAR Reading program, a service that allows elementary students to borrow a bag of books to read at home. Each student also receives a complimentary book to take home.

Again, this is just one instance of the many positive things our schools are doing across the state.

Here’s an earlier post with more technical info about school budgets, just in case you missed it.

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