What’s next? Cafeteria quizzes?

What if students had to pass a quiz if they want to have lunch?

Canandaigua students in Ontario County think that the testing situation in New York has almost become that crazy. So they created a scenario where they’re banished from the lunch line if they can’t correctly guess the meal for the day.

And they put it all on film.

It all comes to life, courtesy of the Canandaigua Academy Film Society, an after-school club run by advisor Deborah Sutherland. She is a member of the Canandaigua Teachers’ Association who teaches high school English and an International Baccalaureate film class. In 30 seconds, the video shows the impact of testing on student life and how it has infiltrated the psyche of those who work in schools and those who go there to learn.

The video is to be posted on the new AFT website learningismore.org, which includes a petition to take action against over-testing.  AFT and NYSUT are helping educators, parents and students spread the word that assessments are integral — but that an accountability system obsessed with measuring punishes schools. NYSUT members can take action to voice their concerns about testing. They can also show up in Albany on June 8 to the “One Voice United” rally.

“The kids were very passionate about this issue and did a fantastic job producing a film that really draws attention to it,” said Cheryl Birx, president of the 500-member Canandaigua TA, which includes teachers and school-related professionals. “It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.”

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