Appreciate educators always, and especially this week.

Coming at an appropriate time is Teacher Appreciation Week, starting today. Tomorrow is National Teachers Day and Wednesday, May 8, is National School Nurses Day. So there’s a whole lot of appreciation going on this week — deservedly so.

The NYSUT United Facebook page will have messages throughout the week and (hint hint) there might be some giveaways, so make sure to check them out. You can also follow the conversation on Twitter using #TeacherAppreciationWeek and #thankateacher to see the many positive messages people send nearly every second. One of NYSUT’s national affiliates, the National Education Association, has a page devoted to various activities.

Here are some ideas through Pinterest on how to thank teachers.

Many of my friends and neighbors are teachers. They are used to my annual questions questions about what kind of messages should be sent through this blog, so several were prepared this year. Sign the petitions, they said. They meant either the NYSUT petition calling on New York state to end its testing obsession and, specifically, against testing students on material that has not been taught. That petition started in March and has more than 10,200 signatures.

The American Federation of Teachers started a petition drive the last day of April. It’s nationwide and it affirms NYSUT’s stance that when states and districts get the alignment right — which will require moving from standards to curriculum to field testing to revising — success will follow. That petition calls on a moratorium on high-stakes testing being used to make high-stakes decisions about students and teachers until the Common Core State Standards are properly implemented.

If your school or district is doing something to appreciate educators and nursing staff this week, please let us know. You can comment below and email pictures to

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