Add another respected voice to testing debate

Kati Haycock is a straight-shooter. The president of the respected Education Trust, Haycock is known in education circles and beyond for her objectivity and seriousness when it comes to what’s happening in America’s schools. Her positions do not always align with NYSUT’s.

That’s why her recent post on the HuffPost’s blog, headlined “Slowing Down to Speed Up,” needs to be thoughtfully considered. Haycock writes in strong support of American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten’s recent call for a moratorium on high-stakes testing being used for high-stakes decisions about teachers and students.

“(Weingarten) is accused of “betraying” the movement for higher standards, ‘eviscerating’ accountability, and otherwise trying to ‘slow down’ reform. What few will acknowledge is that she is mostly right. By muting some of the features of our accountability systems, we can press the accelerator on our improvement systems” Haycock writes.

Of course, that’s what NYSUT— led by its president, Dick Iannuzzi —  has been saying about New York’s obsession with standardized testing since the debate began. It’s why thousands of educators and parents have sent letters and signed petitions calling on the State Education Department to slow down and “get it right.” And it’s why we expect thousands more to show up in Albany on June 8 to have their voices heard, collectively — One Voice United.

Haycock. Weingarten, Iannuzzi. Their voices are being heard. Is yours?

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