Fight Back Friday: Contact your state lawmakers next week

For 32 school districts across the state, painful decisions must be made by Monday. In North Syracuse, which saw its budget “fail” with a 54 percent “yes” vote, the board will cut $1.4 million to get under the tax cap and thus hopefully “pass” its budget with a simple majority. You can help right this […]

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Rah! Rah! Rally!


Live, from Spindle City, comes the Cohoes Marching Band! They’ll be at the NYSUT rally for education on June 8 with bass drums, clarinets, piccolos, trumpets, saxophones and a joyful mishmash of music. They have a lot of reason to be turning up the volume at the rally, as they  join the thousands clamoring for […]

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Rochester area teachers talk about test stress and flawed state policies

NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi, center, with Rochester TA President Adam Urbanski and NYSUT Vice President Maria Neira at the Rochester "Tell It" forum.

Teachers from the Rochester region shared the realities of today’s classrooms, where student attendance is faltering in reaction to test stress; where each new state directive seems to underscore a lack of trust in educators; and where examples abound of the state’s rocky implementation of Common Core standards. A NYSUT “Tell It Like It is” […]

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In Syracuse, AFT President Weingarten calls for teacher leaders to take back the profession


Some bloggers are calling the pushback “The Education Spring.” AFT President Randi Weingarten calls it much-needed grassroots activism where teacher leaders are taking meaningful roles to build things up – not just shake things up. “It has to come from the ground up, not from those outside the profession,” Weingarten told nearly 200 central New […]

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Fair elections now!

Here’s one link to coverage of the rally to push campaign finance reform today. We’ve also posted some video and photographs – and the Labor Religion Coalition has photos, too. (Yes, I thought I was shooting video of NYSUT Executive President Andy Pallotta when he was speaking. Instead it was a photo!) Oh well, lucky […]

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June 18 matters: Schools try again to pass budgets

For those 32 school districts across the state whose budgets did not pass, the next three weeks are crucial. June 18 is the last chance to ask voters to approve a spending increase. We’re still collecting information about what those 32 districts will do. Here’s one link to news that the Newcomb district will again […]

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Parent Perspective: This whole testing thing 


Jessica Ashley is a single mother and blogger based in Chicago. Her blog is Sassafrass. You can take action on high-stakes testing at I’ve been reading the news coming out of New York where high-stakes testing has become a central issue in every conversation about education, where outreach is nationwide and needs are dire. I […]

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Fight Back Friday: Listen to your Mother (Jones)

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a video to help you gear up for the rally June 8 in Albany. I just wanted to provide a bit more background on Mary Harris “Mother” Jones quote of  “Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.” Jones was speaking to group of […]

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A red sea surge

I don’t usually wear nail polish, but today I got my nails painted red. After all, I was one of just a few women among hundreds who were not wearing red. We were bobbing along in the Red Sea. Since it was my first time at the American Heart Association Go Red for Women luncheon […]

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Get on the rally bus: Freeport, Long Island (Updated with Sachem offer)

If you live on the southern side of Nassau County,  the president of the Freeport TA has an offer for you. “Anybody who wants a ride to the June 8 rally in Albany can come,” said Stu Napear. “They reserve a seat with $10 and they will get that $10 back when they step on […]

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