Taxing Tuesday: Cut kindergarten?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, well it does.

Click here for a link to the Niagara Gazette article from yesterday that some on the school board in that community may cut kindergarten to fill the budget gap.

What’s not in that article is that, for the past four years, the school board has chosen to barely increase taxes. So this year it is looking at a 5.91 percent increase, which is the limit to stay within the state’s property tax cap. (The unconstitutional tax cap, NYSUT believes.)

What’s also not in the article is that the district already cut pre-kindergarten as part of last year’s deep cuts to programs that eliminated 63 positions; the year before that, it was 28 positions. I caught Niagara-Wheatfield TA President Kevin Rustowicz for a few minutes in between meetings and we discussed this sorry state of affairs. I will update with more when I can but that might not be until tomorrow when the school board meets to adopt its budget. That’s the story with many districts. The state deadline to adopt a budget is this Friday. Please comment about what’s going on in your district.

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