May 21 matters: 5 weeks to go

Schools districts across the state have 10 days to adopt their 2013-14 school budgets.

Most news articles I’ve seen point to districts choosing to stay within their property tax cap rates. Here’s a compilation for lower-Hudson area schools from the Journal News.

In Schenectady County, where I live, so far one district is going to try to pierce the cap. Here’s a link to just how bad things are for the largest district in the county, the small city of Schenectady,  where they are considering 159 job cuts, reducing fine arts programming to the mandated levels, closing a school building, increasing class sizes, reorganizing central office staff, as well as other changes and efficiencies.

If your district is trying to override their tax cap, which you might recall NYSUT is fighting as unconstitutional, we have lots of ways we can help. Local presidents know to contact their labor relations specialists as a first step.

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