Breaking News: Schools, students get all they need

If you believe that headline, then there’s a bridge for sale that might just interest you.

Here’s just one link about how school districts in western New York and across our state are struggling to provide what students need.

Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day. It’s also the start of School Library Month. Here’s a link about how the Bedford schools are considering cutting librarians.

It’s also the start of baseball season, so just dusting off the archives, you might enjoy this analysis by Bruce D. Baker that connected education reform and baseball last July.

Here’s a link to Erica Bryant’s Rochester Democrat and Chronicle column that is about far more than test anxiety and the likelihood that harder tests will mean more students will fail. She tracks the history. She inserts facts. Here’s a short passage just in case you don’t have time to read the whole thing:

On page 45 of 62 pages worth of prekindergarten Common Core recommendations, you find a small section about how external stresses can interfere with the success of this highly researched curriculum, including a quote from the American Cancer Society that says, “There is no curriculum brilliant enough to compensate for a hungry stomach or a distracted mind.”

According to federal data, about 88 percent of Rochester’s students would have hungry stomachs at school if it weren’t for the federal free and reduced lunch program. It is obvious that many of them have distracted minds. The state has proposed $15 million to be split across the state for pilot school programs that will try to mitigate some of the distractions that disadvantaged urban children face.

This is about a quarter of what the Buffalo Bills are likely to get in state aid.

Here’s a link to the developing school budget in South Glens Falls. It’s just one of the 700 school districts across the state struggling to provide education for students.

Here’s something you can do to take a stand against this obsession with testing.

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