Even the Easter Bunny knows the importance of reading

With a “hoppening” bunny costume, NYSUT Member Benefits staffer and CWA-1141 member Chrissy Phillips captivates a class of kindergarten students while reading an Easter story yesterday.

Phillips and other NYSUT staff delivered Easter baskets, books and school supplies to six classrooms at the Arbor Hill Elementary School in Albany. The group is part of an employee outreach committee that annually visits pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students at the school at this time of year to promote literacy and deliver Easter baskets and school supplies collected by NYSUT employees. This is one of the efforts of NYSUT staffers, who raise funds and donate time to communities in need across New York.



  1. Kathleen Mancuso March 31, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

    This seems odd to me. I thought we were not allowed to mention religious holidays in our public classrooms??

    I hope there were no children in that room who do not celebrate Easter!

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