You can prevent this testing travesty

Kudos to the unnamed teachers who created the animation above.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about the problems with the state’s tests? (If you are unclear, here’s one link that features educators from the North Country; here’s another, complete with video, about concerns raised by educators from the Lower Hudson Valley; and here’s another featuring Capital District educators.)

Two-thirds of teachers surveyed statewide say their students lack books and materials aligned with the new Common Core standards. As recently as last month, the state was still rolling out materials and instructions on Common Core, while expecting students to have mastered new curriculum by April. This is so unfair.

Now you can do something about it. Sign this petition. Tell the state Board of Regents and Commissioner John King that this year’s exams should be used only to measure the state’s progress in introducing Common Core standards NOT for high-stakes decisions affecting students and teachers. The petition further calls on the Regents to end the over-reliance on high-stakes, standardized tests and to allow students to learn and teachers to teach.


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