Fight Back Friday: State and federal budgets

There is still haggling to do over the state budget. This Albany Times Union editorial points out a number of problems.

Lots of voices are urging lawmakers to take care of their issues. Keep up your good work. Go to NYSUT’s Member Action Center. Tell your lawmaker to fund K-12 schools, colleges and universities, save SUNY hospitals, support schools for the deaf, blind and physically disabledprovide for the disabled in non-profit, private agencies, support pension smoothing, restore funding for teacher centers, and so much more.

That’s on the state budget. There are also many issues on the federal budget as we enter our third week of sequestration. You can also use the MAC to tell Congress to repeal sequestration.

Now, more than ever, is our time to stand up and speak out.

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  1. Kevin March 22, 2013 at 3:05 pm #

    Now that APPR has been pushed down the throats of local unions throughout the state, Cuomo has started his push for the next goal: Pay for Performance for Educators. This little nugget was snuck into the budget without anyone seemingly knowing about it, but now it is there. My thoughts is that this is his “Golden Ticket” to get the tax burden on local communities down by eventually lowering base salaries while providing financial incentives for teachers that meet their Student Learning Objectives.

    I was a part of a Pilot Program in Denver, Colorado back in 1998 and do not see any long-term benefits on education. In fact, the only long term benefit that I can see from such a system is the lowering of the tax burden.

    Unfortunately, these changes are being pushed through with very little visible fight from NYSUT and its members. To me, that is a travesty.

    Fight to get rid of APPR, as it does not work to increase the education of our students.

    Fight to get rid of Pay for Performance for Educators.

    Fight to get NY to get rid of the ridiculous curves on our Regents exams, which would truly raise the bar for our students instead of simply stating that we are raising expectations while only inflating the curve.

    Fight to help put the focus on the Families of our children, as they are more of a key to our success than any politician would like to admit. After all, that simply isn’t politically correct.

  2. Dick Iannuzzi March 22, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

    There is much in Kevin’s post that I disagree with and that I have addressed in NYSUT United, on our “Tell It Like It Is” listening tour and in many forums.

    I do, however, want to vehemently disagree with the statement concerning Pay for Performance. I have stated clearly in the past and will continue to maintain that NYSUT opposes any plan — whether called master teacher, pay for performance, or anything else — that is not agreed to by the local bargaining agent through collective bargaining.

    NYSUT continues to advocate for language that any such plan must be bargained locally — which, in fact, several of our locals have done in the past.

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