March at a minimum today

There’s a march today from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at the Washington Avenue entrance of the Capitol for the 1.5 million working class New Yorkers who are thwarted from  making ends meet because they earn minimum wage.

The ongoing movement to get the minimum wage increased has involved cadres of people busing to Albany, marching, rallying, petitioning, calling, writing, praying and making music videos like the one above. This fun, rocking video shows cooks, bartenders, dishwashers, cleaners and other minimum wage workers at their jobs. If you’ve never seen a pepper grinder make do as a microphone, now’s the time.

Today’s action will again include visits to lawmakers’ offices. In you can’t make it, call toll-free (888) 789-9085 and you will be connected to your Senator’s office. Remind him or her it’s been nine years since the last wage hike — nearly a decade– and minimum wage means earning just over $10,000 a year.

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