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Hundreds of NYSUT activists are on their way to Albany today so they can lobby at Albany tomorrow. This is the annual Committee of 100, misnamed because it’s really 600 and more. They are retirees, educators and support staff from schools, colleges and health care who take a personal days to come to Albany to lobby lawmakers for more state aid and to advocate for other issues important to their professions. (Most districts will provide the release time because the political action is often in concert with what districts need.) Of course, those retirees don’t have to seek anyone’s permission and we’re lucky to have them constantly fighting for us.

On the agenda for Tuesday is continued advocacy to increase funding for schools, community colleges, universities, hospitals and health care centers.The proposed budget, if approved, would once again hold flat the aid the State and City university systems, and community colleges, would receive. The proposed budget also would significantly reduce state funding to SUNY hospitals.

For those of you who can’t come to Albany, keep flooding the members of the Legislature with faxes and phone calls. You can do this easily through the Member Action Center. (Our legislative staffers report numerous requests from legislators to stop the faxes as they are unable to use their machines for “normal business purposes.”)

If you live within driving distance of the Capitol, come join us. NYSUT is inviting non-Committee of 100 members to support AQE’s Parade For Public Education at noon. Parking could be tough, so try to carpool. Here’s a link to the Albany Parking Authority.

The forecast says Tuesday will be mostly cloud with temperatures in the low-40s. We’ll try to raise that temperature just a bit.

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