Dates that matter before May 21

It’s 13 weeks before voters in most school districts across the state vote on school budgets. I’ve heard, so far, of one school district where some are thinking of piercing the property tax cap. Here’s a link to the Niagara Gazette article about the Wilson schools. Last year, of course, was the first year that schools had to confront this issue. NYSUT believes the tax cap is unconstitutional so watch for developments on that front. But, in the meantime, here’s a list of some important dates to help you plan for the May 21 school budget vote.

  • By March 1, districts must submit the budget numbers to calculate the tax levy limit. (Remember this is all about the 2 percent property tax cap.)
  • By April 22, candidates for school boards other than a small-city school board must submit petitions to be on the ballot.
  • By April 26, school boards must adopt their 2013-14 school budgets.
  • By April 27, districts must submit the property tax report card to both the State Education Department and the newspaper they designated at their organizational meeting for official notices.
  • By May 1, candidates for small-city school boards must submit petitions to be on ballot.
  • Between May 7-14, districts must hold a budget hearing
  • Between May 8-15, districts must mail to residents the notice of the school budget vote.
  • On May 21, districts must hold public votes on the 2013-14 school budget and school board election.

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