NYC mayor blames everyone but himself

Today marked the beginning of testimony on the proposed executive budget.

First to testify on the impact on cities, towns, villages and localities was New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He continues his stance, which the public and, more importantly, parents are not buying, according to polls; that is, that the teachers union is solely to blame for the city missing a deadline on a teacher evaluation plan. Here’s one blog report about how that testimony went.

For those who want a lengthy, detailed account about what happened in the negotiations, including documentation that supports the UFT, click here. Here’s the UFT statement as published in the Daily News.

Bloomberg’s performance today makes it clear the mayor is not willing to get a deal done for the students, teachers and principals in his city. What is particularly galling for those of us not in New York City, though, was his damning portrayal of every other deal completed across the state. He called them a “joke” and a “sham.” Here’s the Buffalo News take on it.

As to news that the State Education Department essentially backs up the union version of the negotiations, Bloomberg referred to “the State Education Department’s outrageous pandering to the UFT.”

It seems that — in Bloomberg world — everyone is to blame except the mayor.

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