Yorktown Congress of Teachers stands up, speaks out

Congrats to the Yorktown Congress of Teachers, led by Sean Kennedy. The local has a great website that you can check out. They do a lot for the community, recently raising $2,612 for their local food bank. (Update, make that a whopping $6,000 because after the members raised nearly $3,000 by donating tips they earned working at a local restaurant, the union matched that effort through their community service fund.) Like many other NYSUT locals, they are the ones who provide food, gifts or a helping hand to families during the holiday season.

They recently created a video through Vimeo so I can’t embed it, Just click on this link. I Am The Union. Kudos to Janine Gibney and Mark Grote for their work on its many wonderful messages. While most of this nearly 5-minute video shows members holding signs like “I am the Middle Class and I am the solution,” once you get just past 4 minutes you get to hear their voices. I love the message. I love getting the real message out about what union members do. It’s tough because workers don’t have millions to finance deceptive ads or hire firms to convince the public that unions are bad.

Members started working on the video earlier this fall, before anyone knew Michigan state would severely scale back union rights.

“We wanted to do this video because we wanted to showcase to our members, that they are the strength of the union. We are only as strong as our weakest member,” Kennedy said.

If you would like to add your voice to fight back against the negative stories about teaching, unions and worker rights, consider becoming a Message Mover through the national AFL-CIO or join NYSUT’s It’s What We Do campaign.

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  1. karen magee December 19, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    congrats to brother Kennnedyand his union thugs on a job well done! as always, so proud of you guys

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