Fight Back Friday

Not that you haven’t been busy. More than one-third of NYSUT members have suffered through a superstorm. There was a major election and, thanks to your efforts, most of NYSUT’s endorsed candidates won.

Right before Superstorm Sandy barreled up the East Coast,  NYSUT launched Tell It Like It Is.

Members are being asked to share their opinions with the State Education Department and Board of Regents about the impact of the testing obsession. Of course, many NYSUT members are still without power and they need to take care of their families, homes and communities. But, if you are among the fortunate who do have power, please take some time this weekend so that what we’ve all been saying about the obsession with testing will be significantly underscored. You must tell those who make these policy decisions how poorly their policies are being implemented and how this negatively impacts student learning.

If only a handful of you take the time to Tell It Like It Is, State Education Department and the Regents will be able to say it’s just the union “complaining.” They will be able to say the union just wants to keep the status quo. They will be able to say the real teachers are going about their work as they always do. They will be able to continue on their current reckless timeline and they will push even harder for wrong-headed policies that undermine public education.
Bottom line: If we don’t “Tell It Like It Is,” then we can’t change anything.

Let’s keep the momentum from this week’s election going.


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