Time to #educateNYnow

At 14 locations across Long Island yesterday, parents, teachers, administrators and students joined together to call for more state aid to education.

Here’s one article, about a rally in Riverhead, and here’s another, about the event there which several have told me had more like 200 people attend. Here’s a link to the Port Jefferson Station TA post about the rally. Here’s an advance article that ran Oct. 23.

The Connetquot Teachers Association President Tony Felicio, Jr., organized rallies at four of the district’s 11 schools. “Public education is under attack,” Felicio said explaining why the local got involved. ” Aid to school districts has been cut, class sizes have grown, school buildings have closed and important programs have been eliminated.”
Long Island schools alone have lost $715 million in state aid to education in just the last three years.   “The combination of reduced state aid and the tax cap will force schools to continue making cuts which will affect the  quality of education,” he said, also citing a 2011 Rutgers University study ranking New York 44th in the nation in education funding equity.
Here’s a slide show of a few pics. (You can always send your pictures to bsandber@nysutmail.org and I’ll add.)

If you haven’t heard about Educate NY now! here’s a link to their mission statement. It’s a new group, not even six months old yet.

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