Fight Back Friday: Tell it like it is!

Facts matter.

Tonight, hundreds are expected to rally in Alexandra Bay to support American workers. Starting at 5 p.m. at the village’s downtown pavillion, hundreds will express support for American jobs. NYSUT members will speak out about the economic plans that will help the middle class and working families.

Congratulations to the Yonkers Federation of Teachers for raising awareness about lack of services for students in the city schools there. Noting that October is anti-bullying month, the YFT put out a press release detailing the issues. It’s astounding that the more than 26,000 students in Yonkers schools have only:

  • 15 guidance counselors,
  • 8 social workers, and
  • 17 school psychologists!

Compare that Buffalo (193 guidance counselors for 33,000 students) or Syracuse (60 counselors for 20,000 students) or Rochester (90 guidance counselors for 32,000 students).

Here’s one picture from that rally.

And, if you’ve had it with testing and want to get the facts out, you can do something about it. Here’s a link to an email form NYSUT developed. This is your chance to tell the State Education Commissioner John King and the state Board of Regents about what’s happening to students in your class. We’ve provided some language that might be helpful but feel free to tell your stories in your own words. Tell it like it is!

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  1. ann December 27, 2012 at 6:51 pm #

    American teen-agers can not be copmared to others worldwide, our culture is much different. There is mucn agnst, exploration of who they are and a celebration of non-conformity and individualism here. We grow up much later and it is not until our 20’s that we do get serious. Of course there are the exceptions, the super competitive in specialized schools. However, the majority of these kids go on to mainstream universities.

    Testing proves nothing. I was a rebllious teen and not focused as a teen on school. My teachers were wonderful – I just did not apply myself at that time. My choice. Later I woke up and was a straight A student in college and earned two Masters Degrees. I was ready to be serious. My teachers had nothing to do with my test scores. I was completely accountable for my actions and when I decided to get serious, I did.

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