Trick or treat just got better

Happy Halloween! So far today I’ve seen Strawberry Shortcake, Tigger, the Cat in the Hat and a couple of Ninjas. Ahhh…such a nice change from power suits. Even though my day started out with a TRICK (unexpected , messy plumbing problems in my basement requiring professional attention), I’m here to tell you about a fantastic […]

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Elections matter: Stormy weather

Greetings from Cleveland! I’m in this battleground state to help my brothers and sisters in Ohio labor unions get out the vote. My 9:30 a.m. flight landed a half-hour early due to winds going the opposite way they usually blow thanks to Sandy. My heart is back in New York watching the impact of Superstorm […]

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Time to #educateNYnow

At 14 locations across Long Island yesterday, parents, teachers, administrators and students joined together to call for more state aid to education. Here’s one article, about a rally in Riverhead, and here’s another, about the event there which several have told me had more like 200 people attend. Here’s a link to the Port Jefferson […]

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Fight Back Friday: Your rights are on the line

As we get closer to choosing our president for the next four years, perhaps the worst thing I hear is that someone is not going to vote. The most depressing are those who tell me they’re not voting because they don’t think it will make a difference. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s an […]

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Bocce for $$$

In these tough economic times, even $10 can make the difference between a classroom of students getting materials, or a family being able to eat over the weekend. The United Way raises funds for local, non-profit human service agencies and for initiatives that advance education, income, health and people’s ability to meet basic needs. My […]

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Elections Matter: 2 weeks to go

Plato quote on voting-3

Plato was one smart guy. One of his statements was Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who who are dumber.” One of my clever colleagues created this. I want the brightest, most informed people in office, whether it’s for president, for the U.S. Congress, in […]

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Together we make strides (updated)

That’s the beginning of pictures from Albany’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk.Ā Sunday’s walk felt like homecoming. You know you’ll see people you haven’t seen in awhile. So there’s Terri Martin and Stacy Van Cott or Regina McCormack all coming up to say hi at the NYSUT booth. Click on their names to read one […]

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And now a word from our sponsor

The new television season is in full swing on the major networks. Some arrived with great fanfare and are thriving. Others have already been tossed on the scrap heap of TV mediocrity. But, for more than 20 years, there’s been a television constant in New York state ā€” “Homework Hotline.” Produced by the PBS station […]

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Make Strides this weekend


It’s a natural reaction to cringe, even a little, at mammograms. Even the word itself seems uncomfortable, a lot of letters all crammed together, much like the action of having one. The majority of NYSUT members are women and they know exactly what I mean. Beverly Engel hopes to change that. “Mammograms save lives. It […]

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Fight Back Friday: Tell it like it is!


Facts matter. Tonight, hundreds are expected to rally in Alexandra Bay to support American workers. Starting at 5 p.m. at the village’s downtown pavillion, hundreds will express support for American jobs. NYSUT members will speak out about the economic plans that will help the middle class and working families. Congratulations to the Yonkers Federation of […]

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