The reviews are in!

And Won’t Back Down gets a number of Rotten Tomatoes. (At the time this is posted, 13 rotten tomatoes versus 6 fresh.)

From The Hollywood Reporter to Edutopia to National Public Radio and Variety, critics are panning the film. The Nation has a particularly scathing review.

One might think a Chicago Tribune reviewer might have been swayed by the ad that appears to gloat about the end of the strike there. Actually, maybe he was swayed to give the film a D+.

Probably the only review I’ve seen remotely positive about the film is this one from the New York Observer.

Around the water cooler, it seems the favorite review comes from Salon.

I like the review from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, mainly because it brings up better movies about teaching when it writes: It’s inspiring to hear about parents going all-out to secure a better education for their kids. It’s dreary watching them jump through the hoops they face in “Won’t Back Down,” though. You end up longing for a dose of classroom fireworks — a taste of Sidney Poitier in “To Sir, with Love” or Edward James Olmos in “Stand and Deliver.”

Instead of dwelling on the negative, you can weigh in with your favorite movie about a teacher here.

On Twitter, where folks are limited to 140 characters, reviews range from:

  • Won’t Back Down: condescending…dumbed-down agenda film…pushes obvious buttons…conveniently skims issues
  • A crude and hackneyed film, “Won’t Back Down” peddles an improbable and deceptive message about schools and poverty

To this summary

  • Reviews for Won’t Back Down reveal it’s as big a piece of crap as anticipated. Corporate propaganda not best source for great art after all.

That pretty much sums it up.

Well, with reviews like this, and with some like Parents United for Responsible Education actively boycotting the film, perhaps it won’t stay in theaters long.

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