Out-of-work teachers: State Ed has a job for you

When I saw this report from the Journal News Monday, I remember thinking the math was not right. I put it on my list of things to check into, because it seemed to me that another way to tell this story was to point out that a large number of teacher evaluation plans had been submitted across the state but had not been approved.

And that’s the case. There are hundreds of districts that have submitted plans. They await approval. Here’s a news article about it from the Albany Times Union. Here’s the specific link to the job description that SED is looking to fill to expedite the approval process.

Interesting that SED is looking for teachers. Gothamschools.org reported that, at last week’s Board of Regents meeting, SED announced it was using law students as interns to “wade through the complicated, encyclopedic applications that districts turn in.” Hey folks, remember that these complicated, encyclopedic applications are required by the state. This isn’t something districts just sit there and think up before submitting.

By the way, here’s a link to a number of other job opportunities with SED.

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