June 19 matters

It’s one week until a number of school districts across the state try once more to get school budgets approved. If you live in one of those 24 districts, please take the time to support the district’s efforts.

Today’s also my last day of official grand jury duty. I am relieved to go back to work full time because I think the great untold story out there right now is stories of teachers, resident taxpayers and parents whose children are being denied opportunities because of budget cuts associated with the tax cap. In fact, the cap is why the vast majority of the budgets on next week’s ballots failed last month. While most of them passed with a majority of the vote, they did not get the 60 percent supermajority they needed to override the cap.

But even if  a district’s budget passed on May 15, students still lost. I read newspaper articles that outlined cuts to academic opportunities that ranged from students not being able to earn Advanced Placement credits for college, to not being able to participate in drama, music, art, sports or a wide range of extracurricular programs, to loss of transportation services. I also want to hear how cuts associated with the tax cap is negatively affecting disabled school children, who may have lost instructional support  and the opportunity to interact with non-disabled peers.

Please contact me with your stories. Email to bsandber@nysutmail.org or call at (800) 342-9810, ext. 6283.

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