A week to appreciate nurses

This week is also National Nurses week, the time to show appreciation for the work they do.

Unless you are one of the very fortunate few, in the time it’s taken you to open up this blog post, a nurse in a clinic, hospital, school, nursing home or a visiting nurse in any number of situations is taking care of someone you know.  Perhaps it’s checking the blood pressure or medications, or perhaps it’s more comforting or even life-saving work.

It seems monthly it’s either me, my husband or close family relatives I’m bringing in for medical care. Having an elderly parent, trips to clinics and hospitals are frequently scheduled around when I go “home” to Wisconsin as well as reports even when I am not there.

I am continually amazed at how professional nurses can be while they are being bled, peed and pooped, coughed and sneezed on. Even more astounding is the level of qualifications they must master to get, and keep, their jobs.

So what do they do when they have some free time? Nurses I know in New York try to improve patient care.

So if you want to thank a nurse, of course, please send a card, chocolates, flowers, anything you know they would like, but you could also help them to do a better job. You can join them by asking lawmakers to support the state staffing for quality care act and also call for a safe patient handling task force.

To all the health care providers out there, this video is for you:

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