Memories of Jeff and Judy

Two members of the NYSUT Board of Directors passed away earlier this year. Both were from Long Island and NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi shared with RA delegates personal recollections of Jeff Rozran and Judith Rudman.

“Anyone who ever walked along the boardwalk at Sunken Meadow is certain to have met Jeff and his wife, Luanne, as they were always there,” Iannuzzi said. Jeff’s constant presence in the classroom only ended  ”when he could not give his students what they deserve” because of his battle against lung cancer.

As to “Judy,” Iannuzzi recalled when he decided to run as a candidate for NYSUT president in 2005, his Long Island colleagues wanted to interview him. It was an early morning meeting, and when he entered the interview, Rudman was the first to raise her hand with a question.
Iannuzzi said he immediately started to recall all the facts he knew about retiree programs and services. None of that mattered because Rudman’s question to the follicly challenges union leader was: “Do you polish your head or is it naturally shiny?”

Delegates offered moments of silence in recognition of the dedication and selfless service of the two unionists.

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