Celebrating our schools

Next week a number of Long Island locals, most of them in Nassau county, are coordinating a number of events to draw attention to the great work of students and teachers in their schools. From April 29 through May 5, members will hand out information bulletins, make phone calls, and sponsor sports nights as well as host events to thank other community groups, like firefighters and parent groups, for the work they do.

These events will draw attention to the fantastic levels of achievement of students in their schools. They do a great job whether it’s national competitions like Intel or Siemens or statewide competitions like the New York State School Music Association or graduating every student in the district (which a number of them do – even though some elected officials would like you to think our schools are not doing a good job on that front.)

One of the events is sponsored by the Plainedge Federation of Teachers – an awards night to students who make a difference, who go out of their way to help others. They’ve held the event for 14 years now and have never gotten any publicity on it.

“We’ll give awards to 165 students as well as showcase the talents of many of our school programs,” said Laura Pokorny, president of the PFT.

Plainedge is not alone in celebrating students and the schools. But this is the first year that these NYSUT locals have all come together to operate under the same banner – and all in the same week. It’s impressive that about 15,000 NYSUT members will be wearing buttons with a red apple and the “Save Our Schools” logo for the entire week. Also, about 30,000 fliers will be handed out at community train stations, ballfields and shopping centers this week. There are also 10,000 posters with the message “Don’t Limit Our Kids” and “Invest in Great Education” for people to post or put in their car windows as moving billboards.

Another example is the Merrick Faculty Association sponsoring Robbie’s Run with the Bellmore-Merrick United Secondary Teachers to support efforts at having life-saving defibrillators placed at ballfields as well as sponsoring a dinner for firefighters. Such efforts happen throughout the year, said Daphna Arm, a VOTE-COPE coordinator from the region.

NYSUT is supplementing this effort with its own ad campaign, as it is tough to find positive news about schools in the mainstream press.

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