“School is where my heart is”

I’m back after two full days in five Elmira city schools talking with dozens of teachers, parents, students and administrators about what budget cuts mean to them.

It’s overwhelming because there is no way to fit everything people said onto the two pages in the May issue of NYSUT United. Good thing NYSUT has a website.

So below is a start: Three students signed up to speak about the proposed budget cuts to their schools at the April 4 school board meeting.

Here’s a link to the WETM report that has a bit more on what the two young boys had to say, as in both cases I had to work my way to the front of the room and I missed the beginning of what they had to say. After the second young man, I just kept my spot on the floor so was able to capture  7-year-old Annah Stearns from the beginning.

Tuesday and Wednesday I watched elementary music, art and library lessons as well as classroom work at the middle school. I talked with a number of high school students, administrators, parents and retirees. All of it points to the valuable work our NYSUT members do every day in hundreds of different job titles.

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