Go after Wall Street fraud, not workers

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the state AFL-CIO television ad pointing out how Gov. Cuomo wants to cut benefits to government workers by 40% while his 401(k) option gives another windfall to Wall Street.

Mario Cilento, president of the state AFL-CIO, is also at a press conference today calling for reforms to state laws allowing the attorney general to sue and recoup pension losses due to securities fraud.

NYSUT is a key sponsor of this ad, putting the faces of workers into this battle.

Those faces are needed to combat the Committee to Save New York’s television ad. The committee is a business-backed group and it is spending a reported $2.5 million on its ad.

Much of the reporting on pensions is quite interesting and readers need to consider the messengers as well as the message. It’s disappointing when companies reward their CEOs while sticking it to the workers as this interesting chart shows.

You can help by calling your state representatives in the Senate and the Assembly today at 877-255-9417. Tell them to say “no” to Tier 6.

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