Busy week ahead

Hope we all got a good rest because it’s a busy week ahead.

Yes, the deadline looms this week for an agreement on teacher evaluation. Here’s an interesting take on New York City’s negotiations from the elected public advocate.

This week, NYSUT will release a video about the impact of a pension on one teaching family. It’s part of an integrated campaign to get the real story to the public about proposed pension “reforms.” We’ll provide a link once it’s up.

The fight continues about school aid. Here’s an interesting article from the Syracuse Post-Standard about how districts don’t qualify for competitive grants. Here’s another one about school board members saying the grants don’t provide equity.

At 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, a group of lawmakers who are members of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus join with NYSUT, AQE and New York Communities for Change to speak against the governor’s proposed budget. The groups will note how cuts in state aid to education have had the greatest impact on needy school districts, which lost two to three times as much in state aid per pupil as wealthy districts.

That advocacy continues through the weekend.  Friday starts the 41st annual association weekend of that legislative caucus. A number of NYSUT officers, members and locals participate in those events and, in fact, are featured in five workshops. The full schedule is posted here.

Back to Wednesday, the Ticonderoga schools invite folks in to see about the bleak budget picture they face at 7 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. The problem is, staying under the 2 percent tax cap will mean deep cuts. They could try to override that cap, but that would require 60 percent of voters to say yes. That’s up in the north country. From comments on the blog comes this news from Brian at Port Jefferson Station on Long Island: “It includes a 4.5% tax increase which will still result in 20.6 (out of our 307 members) teaching jobs lost. We are hoping that, after the community tells the district that they can’t live with these cuts, our BOE will put up a higher number. At that point, it is up to our membership to do the leg work to get 60% to pass it.”

So yes, a busy week ahead.

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