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Hope you all had a super weekend.

I did, not because of football though. I am thrilled to see the message of students, their parents and educators getting out. Here’s a link to a Times Union commentary by Fred LeBrun. This will give you a flavor of the column:

Clearly, Cuomo has an agenda here. What that is, who knows, but it is not the betterment of public education in New York. His continual bashing of those who are the front-line troops of education is having an enormously corrosive effect. It is richly ironic when he called himself the lobbyist for students during his budget message, because he is anything but. Or for their parents, either. A one-size-fits-all teacher evaluation plan, a la Cuomo, will be one more unfunded state mandate for taxpayers, and the destruction of a key foundation brick for successful education: local control.

And it’s nice to read someone else pointing out the flaws with the tax cap. Here’s another paragraph from LeBrun:

Well, I’m going to ask you again to do a reality check on the Cuomo rhetoric. Because he single-handedly is the one responsible, through his reductions in school aid, for the loss of music and art teachers, remedial programs, enrichment programs, advanced placement courses, even kindergarten and prekindergarten in many schools across the state. While he was distracting the public by pinning the tail on the teacher, the administrator and the so-called “bureaucracy,” he was eviscerating public schools from Montauk to Williamsville. It was not the Legislature, it wasn’t the teachers, and it surely wasn’t the local school boards. It was the governor, one heck of a lobbyist, who made those choices.

The Syracuse Post-Standard ran this opinion piece, also on Sunday. Here’s a link to the Messenger-Post’s article on Sunday about how education funding and the tax cap are hurting central New York districts.

Then, the petition asking lawmakers to reconsider the $250 million contest for school aid topped 15,000 signatures. Here’s the link to ask others to sign on.

Here’s a link to a Daily Freeman article that the New Paltz school board opposes the competitive grants.

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