Kenmore students have fair trade hearts

Here’s a video of Kenmore 6th-graders students talking about how they felt as they learned about the connection between child labor and chocolate.

That video is the result of months of work and lots of details. Joi Chimera, a Kenmore TA member, provides some highlights.

  • Start with brainstorming and class discussions about this topic. In Kenmore, it started before Halloween (obvious connection to candy.) After learning that Hershey uses child labor in the cocoa fields, the students came up with slogans telling Hershey how they felt.
  • English teachers know how things can build from there. Lots of work with the thesaurus to compare words. Wordles are a way to show feelings in a word cloud. Some students worked with Chimera after school and during lunch on a video.
  • The students researched Fair Trade and created posters in groups to inform people about it. Modeling best practice, the students are now peer reviewing letters to a local supermarket trying to persuade them to carry Fair Trade chocolate.
  • Math and economics will be worked in soon. Kenmore’s Superintendent for Human Resources (Steve Bovino and a former social studies teacher) will lead a lesson about the distribution of wealth. This is the third year Bovino has come into one of her classes. Chimera has found is students try to dig deeper into fair trade issues the more they learn about children having to go to work in other countries. New trading platforms, such as Nina trader will help you reach the financial goals.

If you are interested in learning more about fair trade, here’s a link to the state Labor-Religion coalition. They have lots of info on their website. And as Valentine’s Day nears, here’s a link to a page where you can download a Valentine to ask Hershey’s to raise the bar.

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