NYSUT in the news (Updated)

Before we get to a rehash, first let’s talk about you.

By 5:52 p.m. NYSUT members had sent over 5,000 emails to the state Board of Regents. The message was to stop blocking millions in federal funds and let school districts keep the educational support that their students need and deserve. Here’s a link to send your own email. Heck, the link has only been up a few hours and you guys are all over it.

Here’s the early coverage of the press conference about the impact of the cuts. Here’s video of teachers talking about the impact. Sorry for some of the quality of audio. (Hey, here’s a link to coverage with more professional videographers and they also had trouble with the audio.) A busy city street is not the best place to shoot video and capture audio.

Also, I apologize that I did not get Buffalo Federation of Teachers President Phil Rumore. Phil came all the way from Buffalo to be at the press conference. He gets the award for farthest distance traveled and I didn’t get him. We talked this morning and he explains that 58 teachers, 9 teacher aides/assistants and 7 administrators jobs are on the line because SED yanked the funds. Also, a host of after school and summer school programs might be cut. The impact on kids will be horrendous, he predicted.

“It’s very troubling that the Regents and the State Education Commissioner want to punish the students over one small part of the grant,” Rumore said. Meanwhile, they aren’t meeting their own requirements, he said noting news that the U.S. Department of Education is critical of SED for not establishing the student database they were supposed to.

NYSUT was also well represented at another press conference. This one was about closing corporate tax loopholes. Here’s a video clip from Your News Now.

Here’s where you can get a copy of the Blueprint for Corporate Tax Reform. Here’s the Citizen Action of New York’s take on it.

Will update with more coverage as we find it.

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