Fairness for all

It’s not baseball season, but Michael Mulgrew threw his pitch to lawmakers today. Here’s some video so you can hear it for yourself, and pictures of the variety of UFT members and NYSUT officers who met with lawmakers to talk about what schools in New York City need. (Sorry about the lighting in a lot […]

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Disaster relief for school libraries

Book lovers take heart! School library disaster relief is available through a fund for public schools whose school library program has been affected by a disaster — such as last fall’s flooding that trashed many parts of New York, including homes, schools and businesses. The American Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians, the […]

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May 15 matters

It’s 15 weeks before voters in most school districts across the state vote on school budgets. Voters in this state overwhelmingly support their public schools. (This is just one of the many positive articles from last year when 93 percent of budgets passed on the first try.) This year could be different as this year […]

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2 ways 2 be active

Updated with correct links. Sorry about too much traffic on the superhighway of info! As promised NYSUT unveiled a new feature on its website, a member action center. (They actually did it over the weekend not today as I wrongfully posted last week.) I point out my error more to point out that I corrected […]

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NYSUT in the community

NYSUT has a proud tradition of being an active and contributing part of communities throughout New York state. The most recent example was this just-passed weekend when the union was the lead sponsor of a radiothon to raise money for the Albany-area Center for Disability Services. The effort, held in conjunction with a telethon, raised […]

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A look ahead

Want to give our Central New York members a heads-up about an event at 5:30 Monday night at the Lyncourt School in Syracuse. Educators, school board members. administrators and families will gather to connect and get the info they need to advocate for our students, schools and districts. Billy Easton of the Alliance for Quality […]

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Fight back Friday (school rankings)

This week’s choice is obvious: New York’s students achieve at a high rate. It’s well documented and acknowledged so why would someone say our students are bad? Rather than get into reverse psychology and ramifications, do you mind if I just leap to What are you going to do about it? Tell your neighbors, your […]

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Get fit with snowflakes

Right now beautiful, light snow is falling outside the windows. What a great time to go out for a walk or go skiing! How about those snowshoes you got for Christmas? I know there are a lot of teachers who run after-school downhill and cross-country ski programs for students since this activities help a lot […]

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Schools send out an SOS

These are tough financial times for all of us. It’s so bad most New Yorker’s are too poor to retire. They must keep on working. Here’s a link to what one school district is doing to get members involved. Scroll down a bit to find the video. The numbers are appalling about what the Cleveland […]

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POTUS invites teacher to SOTU

A third-generation teacher and a member of the National Education Association, one of NYSUT’s national affiliates, attended last night’s State of the Union address at the invitation of President Barack Obama. Sara Ferguson is an elementary math and literary teacher in Chester Upland School District, one of the poorest districts in Pennsylvania. Earlier this month, […]

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