How many more shopping days….

until you celebrate your holiday?

Hope you all had safe Thanksgivings and weren’t harmed in any of the shopping melees. I especially hope you got enough rest to be reinvigorated, because now things really start to ramp up.

The Associated Press has this analysis about the current state of the economy. The United Federation of Teachers put together this wonderful graphic, to draw a picture about what’s at stake.

Hey, unions and good-government groups aren’t the only ones saying something is wrong with the tax situation. Here’s what one hedge fund manager is saying — which goes along with what other millionaires have been saying in recent months and what 100 New York state millionaires have been saying since March.

Folks, we’re at a critical juncture in this state. We need a progressive income tax structure. Have you sent a letter to your lawmaker yet asking them to extend the tax on the wealthiest, which is due to expire Dec. 31? Click here for link to letters you can send to lawmakers.


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