Appreciating NYSUT’s School-Related Professionals

Next week — next Tuesday, to be exact — is statewide School-Related Professionals Recognition Day. NYSUT was instrumental in getting the legislation passed that establishes this special day and is proud to showcase its SRP members.

This year, we are celebrating our SRPs in two unique ways. NYSUT is sponsoring a friendly competition that will recognize the locals that do the best job promoting SRP Recognition Day. The deadline is Dec. 1. Here are the details.

Also, NYSUT has collaborated with the Literacy Education and Resource Network to get nominations for an SRP Wall of Unsung Heroes. That deadline is Friday, Nov. 11. Here’s more.

Of course, locals are encouraged to find their own way to honor their SRP colleagues and to thank them for the invaluable work they do in our school communities.

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