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Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. It was rain-free in the Capital District and since we’ve had no frost I’m still dealing with veggies and even raspberries, but also still dealing with allergies. UGH. I think I’d rather have no more raspberries or beans, if I could just get rid of the sneezing.

Here’s the Flickr slide show of efforts to get Hershey to use fair trade practices in their chocolate production.

You know this Occupy effort will grow when attempts are made to shut it down) for the Times-Union link. Click here for the New York Post article.

The effort is growing. In Buffalo, Patrick Creamer wants you to know he’s not a freak, nor a hippie and he certainly does not want handouts. The member of the Niagara Wheatfield Teachers Union has another job to support his family. He’s been going to the Occupy Buffalo protests in Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo for the past two weekends, and he’s hoping for more this Saturday. He’s issued a rallying cry for NYSUT members to meet at noon Saturday in downtown Buffalo.

Hundreds of School-Related Professionals met over the weekend. There will be more posted about this conference, but want to share the fantastic news they raised over $2,700 for NYSUT’s disaster relief fund.  Help is sorely needed and click here for the link on how you can help.

Lots of NYSUT folks at the Queensbury Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk Sunday. Working on posting those photos today as well.

We also had a #nysutchat on Twitter. (Working on that post as well.) So lots of catching up to do but they’ll all have to wait until after a Monday meeting. In the meantime, keep sending us your info, photos and ideas.

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