Next #nysutchat on how budget cuts hurt

Now that schools and colleges are finishing up their second month of the 2011-12 school year, folks should have some concrete, specific examples of how the budget that lawmakers approved in April is impacting students.

So that’s the topic for the next Twitter Town hall. It will start at 7 p.m. this Sunday. Remember to use the #nysutchat hashtag, so that those who do not have twitter accounts will find it easier to follow along.

Here’s some helpful hints. Use specific facts. Which programs have been cut at your school, district or college? What is class size now? A number of districts had to cut librarians. What does that mean to teachers? Teaching assistants and monitors have been cut back or hours reduced. What does that mean to teachers who depended on that help or students? Sports, Advanced Placement, social work, guidance counseling: all have been reduced, and in some places, eliminated. What has it meant to your community? Was your district one of those who had to cut summer school? Are you noticing an impact yet?

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