Home Depot gives credit to STAY effort

Craig Daniel manages the Amsterdam Home Depot. He and Schenectady manager Attilio Tebbano led a crew of Home Depot workers who volunteered to show people who had never installed insulation before, how to wield utility knives and staple guns safely. 

The Schoharie TA was able to purchase nearly $30,000 worth of insulation for much less thanks to a 25 percent discount on insulation from Owens-Corning that Home Depot passed along. Home Depot also waived sales tax and delivery charges for 2,600 rolls of insulation. The Home Depot crew said they were impressed by the efforts and efficiency of the union-led effort.

“This is a huge job from the ordering and delivery aspect and then to find out they went and measured all the homes and everything they have done is just phenomenal,” Daniel said.

Home Depot also noted that unsually a job of this size takes two weeks lead time for delivery.

“Owens-Corning was great and they worked with us when we only could give five days lead time,” Daniel said.

All the efforts were worth it. “We know this will really make a difference for people,” Tebano said.

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